Relationship Goals: Church-Wide Series Pricing

The Relationship Goals Church-wide series includes all the products and support that you need to make your church-wide series a success. In order to host a church-wide event you need to purchase the church-wide series below. This initial cost is a savings of over $160  includes the products listed below.

  • DVD sets of marriage track and singles track
  • Online streaming of marriage and singles track
  • The How to Launch a Relationship Goals Church-Wide Series Manual
  • Large RAM display chart (5 ft x 7 ft)
  • Sample Discussion Guides for married and singles tracks
  • Sample small RAM chart (5″x 7″; one comes with each Discussion Guide)
  • How to Avoid Falling in Love with a Jerk (McGraw-Hill)
  • Becoming Better Together: Healthy relationship goals for growing together when life is pulling you apart (book)
Discussion Guides

When launching a Relationship Goals series, the discussion guides are a must. These guides contain all of the discussion questions, personal growth sections and scriptural application. Certainly, the church can purchase the discussion guides for their congregation. However, we recommend that churches urge their congregation to purchase them with their own funds and bring them to the series.

After a church has initiated the steps toward launching a series, we will set up an event page for your church’s series. Here your congregation can find the information they need to purchase their discussion guides. We will make this process as streamlined and simple as possible for you!

Church-Wide Series $499

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