With 80% living together before marriage and a 50% divorce rate, it is so important to preach on marriage, yet when pastors do, singles often feel alientated.

Can you relate with this tension? Relationship Goals resolves this tension. It is a six-session small group video-based series and complementary sermon series customized for both strengthening marriages while also equipping singles from 1st grade through adulthood.


“This series made a huge positive impact on our church.”

-Steve Poe, Lead Pastor
Northview Church
Top 5 fastest growing church in America 2013

Download samples of the Relationship Goals series materials here!

I am so grateful for this series. It confirmed my convictions in many areas and gave me new tools for healthy relationships. I am so grateful for my church and the new friends I have met since I just moved here. Thank you!

-Singles Track Participant

We are so blessed having Pastors who truly love and care for their flock. Giving our God all the honor and glory!

-Married Track Participant

My partner and I were not yet married, but we are in a married life group. We just got married last weekend! We LOVED going through the married version before we were married. It allowed us to start our marriage off on the right foot. We even had a little huddle after we got married just to go over the day and recap. It has taught me to be more relaxed, and not as quick to anger. I even used the RAM key points in my vows.  I really truly gained a lot of insight and enjoyed the series!

-Married Track Participant

It was great to talk about the real struggles of marriage – and they aren’t just taboo. Please do another series like this again soon!

-Married Track Participant

Take a peak inside the series.

Let’s make goals that matter. A church series on how to get the relationship you want.